Spay + Neuter Programs

Spaying and neutering of pet small mammals greatly reduces the chances of reproductive diseases, unwanted behaviors, and unexpected pregnancies. For many people, the cost of preemptively neutering or spaying their exotic pets discourages them from having this important procedure. 

As part of our commitment to preventative medicine and to our local community, we offer our VALUE spay and neuter service. Once a month, our skilled surgeons will offer their services at a discounted rate with the hopes that we can make a difference in the lives of many animals who may otherwise not be able to have this important surgery. Below, you may review the differences between the "Value" program (limited availability) and the "Standard" program (higher price, available immediately).

Spay + Neuter Program

In order to qualify for the $262.50 fee, you must provide proof of NYC residency (for example: Driver's License, NYS ID)



  • Offered once every month (you do not choose the date)
  • Exam with veterinarian is not required
  • Drop off and pick up same day
  • Educational handouts included at discharge
  • Nurse discharge to answer any questions
  • Pain medication is included to administer at home
  • For younger animals only – see release form for species specific details


Our doctors have designed the "Value Program" with safety in mind, and that is why there is a Release Form that must be read and signed prior to these affordable surgeries. In it there are strict requirements for these pets. For example, there are age restrictions because young animals tend to have much less surgical complications and recover faster. If your pet is older than the restrictions indicate, he/she will not be eligible for the Value Spay and Neuter program for safety reasons.

Spay + Neuter Program


  • Appointments available 7 days a week
  • Full 30 minute examination time
  • Consultation with the doctor
  • Education about proper nutrition and husbandry of your pet(s)
  • Overnight stay at the hospital including monitoring by a licensed veterinary technician, assistance feeding if needed, additional pain management, and a post-surgical exam the following morning.
  • Surgical “safety-nets”, such as IV catheterization and endotracheal intubation.


*Please note that our Standard Program pricing depends on species. Cost ranges from $500-$550. Price does not include potential surgical complications such as unexpected pregnancy or presence of disease.

The VALUE Program has been suspended. Please check back at a later date for an update on it's return.

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