Here at the Center for Avian and Exotic Medicine we believe in fulfilling an educational component to our practice. We strive to share information on health issues that arise in the care of exotic animals, so that people who have these animals as pets can better understand what their care entails. We also have ideas (recipes) for the nutritional needs of various exotic creatures.

Whether through articles or actual case studies, we will continue to add new information when we can. Check back into our resources section from time to time to discover new things!

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Aural Abscesses in Aquatic Turtles

Bea, a very lucky ferret!

Bigote the Rabbit

Cinnamon,a 1-year-old female hamster

Egg Binding in Birds

Gingko – Egyptian Uromastyx

Goldfish Surgery

Pancake the Bearded Dragon

Rocky – Jardine parrot

Spike Lentini – Iguana


Anemia in Avian and Exotic Pets

Dangers of Heat-Stroke in Exotic Pets

Doesmy ferret have adrenal disease?

Does Your Ferret Have Insulinoma?

Easter and Bunnies…

Encephalitozoon Cuniculi

Feather Picking

Management of Dental Abscesses in Rabbits

MetabolicBone Disease In Reptiles

MyBird Laid An Egg… What Do I Do?

Spaying or Neutering Your Pet Skunk

To Trim or Not to Trim

Top Toxins to Pet Birds

Transporting Exotic Pets in Winter

Wellness Tips & Signs of Illness: Birds

Wellness Tips & Signs of Illness: Ferrets

Wellness Tips & Signs of Illness: Guinea Pigs

Wellness Tips & Signs of Illness: Rabbits

Wellness Tips & Signs of Illness: Reptiles

Wellness Tips & Signs of Illness: Small Rodents: Hamsters, Gerbils, Rats, Mice

What should you expect at your first/annual wellness exam with your bird?

Why did my bird suddenly die?

Why does my rabbit have head tilt?

Zoonotic disease


Recipes: Salads for Reptiles

Recipes: Herbivore Treats

Recipes for Small Rodents

Recipes for Ferrets (Carnivores)

Recipes for Birds

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