Our hospital will remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Regarding COVID-19, New York Sate has confirmed that veterinary services are an essential service, and we will remain open during this outbreak. Our hours will remain the same (every day 9am-7pm) however we will only be available to see exotic pets that are not well. Any wellness or elective procedures need to wait until further notice. Additionally, we will not be allowing clients, or anyone, into the practice. Pets must be handed to employees at the door or we will come to your car. The appointment will happen over the phone with the doctor and using online bill paying and document signing. Additionally we WILL be accepting boarding pets from owners who are not able to care for them due to personal or family illness. We know this is a scary time for everyone, and we hope that our willingness to care for your beloved pets who may be sick during this times is a comfort to you. -

Please note, COVID-19 is NOT transmittable to or from your exotic pets. -

Our commitment to helping your pets in this difficult time has led us to a new virtual consultation platform called TeleVet. This service will allow you to communicate with our vets and nurses to help navigate the health of your pet from home. Please click here (LINK) for more information.

Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease (RHDV2) Update: The USDA and dedicated employees of CAEM have completed the mandatory eradication procedures required to clear the hospital of RHDV2. -

Despite the disinfection of the physical premises, CAEM has opted to take the additional precaution of continuing our quarantine for another 4 weeks. The USDA is confident that after the cleaning, and this extended quarantine, we will be RHDV2 free. Until then, we will not be accepting rabbit patients. We will continue to update final dates and any changes here. -

The employees at CAEM want to also thank so many of you for your overwhelming support during this rabbit disease outbreak. Your words of kindness, letters of positivity, and emails of encouragement have made this process bearable. Thank you.

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The Center for Avian and Exotic Medicine is the only exclusive avian and exotic veterinary hospital in New York City. We believe these special pets deserve compassionate veterinarians who have dedicated their careers solely to exotic pet care. We have a customized facility where exotic pets will receive state-of-the-art medical and surgical care in a peaceful and calm environment free from dogs and cats.

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  • "Customer Review: Everybody at the Center for Avian and Exotic Medicine is extremely knowledgable, compassionate, and clearly loves animals. They take a personal interest in the pet, as well as its human companion."
  • "Customer Review: I brought my Guinea Pig to Avian & Exotic Medicine and in my opinion they are GREAT because of their services. The staff (Up Front, Nurse & Doctor) were all very friendly and helpful. They treated my pet and myself with respect and I look forward to go back. If you have an exotic
    pet, it is the place to go with your pet. Even the prices were very reasonable."
  • "Customer Revew: Even though they were fully booked-up, the Center squeezed me in, examined her, & gave me the supplies & directions to try getting her digestion & appetite going again at home, which worked well. By the following morning, she was starting to perk up, & the day after, she was almost back to normal. Everyone was friendly & supportive & kind, which I really needed that day."

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