International Travel with Exotic Pets

International travel with your exotic pet can be complicated and requires time and effort to ensure it is done properly.   

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Our role in this process is to help you navigate the documentation and medical requirements of the import country you are traveling to with your pet. We’ve outlined the steps you need to take and provided links for you to prepare for traveling with your pet. Please follow these steps to familiarize yourself with this process. 

STEP 1 – United States Department of Agriculture Regulations

Before booking your appointment with us, please go to this link at the USDA and use the drop down fields to select your destination country and the type of animal you have. This will provide you with information for exporting your pet. Keep in mind some countries have requirements of home quarantine, specific diagnostic testing, medical treatments, and time restrictions that you must follow to avoid being rejected upon entry to the country.

Contact Consulate or Office

Additionally, you should contact the consulate or specific office of the country you will be exporting the animal to for any additional information on requirements they may have. Each country may have other specific health requirements for entry of animals than listed online. These requirements are established by the importing country, not by the United States. Other countries may also have their own certificate format for export. They should be able to advise you as well as email or send you necessary documents and information.

Contact US Fish and Wildlife Services

Lastly, you must contact the US Fish and Wildlife Services to see if you will require a CITES permit to travel with or ship your pet. Obtaining this permit does not involve your veterinarian- you must apply for this and ensure you have all the proper documents on your own.

Please contact the appropriate USDA Veterinary Service Office for further advice, approval, and to answer any questions to ensure no errors are made. They may require review of your documents before you plan to travel. Since export requirements frequently change, obtain the current export requirements from the Veterinary Service office in your area before each shipment/travel.

New York: Email: [email protected], or call: 518‐218‐7540

STEP 4 - VETERINARY CONSULTATION, PHYSICAL EXAM, AND REQUIRED DIAGNOSTICS/TREATMENTS: Once you have obtained all of this information and know what you need from us, you should schedule the first appointment towards completing the process of being able to export your pet from the USA, and import it into your desired country of travel. Please fill out this form prior to your visit: Pre-Exam Questionnaire 

This process may take several visits to us depending on the requirements of each country or destination and meeting the requirements will be a joint effort toward getting your pet safely into your foreign destination.


The following are links to help facilitate your journey:


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