Spay and Neuter Program

The next Spay + Neuter Program is Thursday, Nov. 17th

Spaying and neutering of pet small mammals greatly reduces the chances of reproductive diseases, unwanted behaviors, and unexpected pregnancies. For many people, the cost of preemptively  neutering or spaying their exotic pets discourages them from having this important procedure.
As part of our commitment to preventative medicine and to our community, we are implementing a monthly spay neuter program at our hospital. Once a month, our skilled surgeons will offer their services at steep discounts with the hopes that we can make a difference in the lives of our patients.

How is this different from our regular spay and neuter treatment?

In order for us to be able to offer this valuable option, there are differences in the services of these low-cost surgeries versus our traditional spay and neuter options which we still offer every week. Some of the differences are:

  1. The low-cost spay/neuter does not include a consultation with the doctor. Clients will not get the benefit of being taught about proper nutrition and husbandry of their pets, or have the 30 minute time slot to ask questions about their pet.
  2. Patients will not get the benefit of staying with us overnight for subsequent pain management, nurse monitoring, supplemental feeding, or the post-surgical doctors exam given the following morning.
  3. Some surgical “safety-nets”, such as IV catheterization is not included.

Our doctors have designed this program with safety in mind, and that is why there is a release form [pdf] that must be read and signed prior to these low-cost surgeries. In it there are strict requirements for these pets.

For example, there are age restrictions because young animals tend to have much less surgical complications and recover faster. If your pet is older than the restrictions indicate, he/she will not be eligible for the low-cost spay/neuter program.

Please call our office at 212-501-8750 if you have any other questions or if you would like to schedule your pet’s surgery.
Download the spay/neuter release form [pdf].
New clients to the center also need to fill out the New Client Registration Form. Thank you.