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RHD (Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease) is a deadly virus in rabbits that is easily spread from direct contact or from clothing and shoes. The virus can then be brought easily into the home. This disease is common across Europe and Australia but has not been a problem in the United States until the last few years. Unfortunately, it has made it's way not only to the wild rabbit populations in the Southwest and California, but also into our fragile pet rabbit population. 

The good news is that there is finally a vaccine made here in the U.S.! 

Because of the vaccine storage requirements, we are only able to offer this vaccine for a few hours a day in groups of 10 or 20 rabbits. Please choose one of the following Clinic options.

Clinic 1

This option is for clients who have brought their rabbit in within the year for a wellness visit and the rabbit was healthy. These clinics will occur once we have 20 rabbits who qualify. 

Features for Clinic 1:

  • Vaccine requires an initial vaccine, and a booster in 21 days
  • For rabbits who were last seen here and deemed healthy
  • 10-minute brief vet health checks
  • Does not include doctor consultation
  • Educational handouts included at discharge
  • Nurse discharge to answer any questions
  • Non-refundable pre-payment for full vaccination: 
    • 2 brief exams, initial and booster vaccines: $180

Click this link to make your deposit and we will contact you with possible dates for the clinic!

Clinic 1 Deposit

Clinic 2

This option is for new clients or rabbits with outdated exams. These clinics will occur once we have 10 rabbits who qualify.


  • Vaccine requires an initial exam with vaccine and a booster in 21 days
  • For rabbits who have 
    • Never been to our hospital before
    • Not had a wellness visit at our hospital in a year or more
    • Been to our hospital for a problem exam/illness within the prior year
  • Discussion about proper nutrition and husbandry of your rabbit(s)
  • Physical exam and consultation with the doctor
  • Educational handouts included at discharge 
  • Non-refundable pre-payment for full vaccination :
    • 1 complete physical exam, 1 brief exam, initial and booster vaccines: $256

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Clinic 2 Deposit

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