My pet seems perfectly healthy, why do I have to bring it in for an annual exam?

Most exotic animals hide their illnesses in order to survive in the wild. It is important for the health of your pet to have annual physical exams and lab work to assess signs of illness and prevent future problems. It also gives us an opportunity to share new information with you and discuss any questions that may have come up over the year regarding behavior, nutrition, or husbandry issues.

What should you expect at your first/annual wellness exam with your bird?

Read this article about what to expect when you bring your bird to an avian veterinarian at the Center »

What are your hours?

Our office is open every day 9am-7pm. Veterinary appointments are available as per schedule below. Please make your appointment ahead either online or by phone at 212-501-8750. Walking in without an appointment may mean we cannot see you or a long wait!

Dr. Jessica Grodio

Sunday: 10am-5:30pm
Monday: 10am-6pm
Thursday: 10am-6pm
Friday: 10am-6pm

Dr. Alix Wilson

Tuesday: 10am-3pm
Friday: 10am-6:30pm
Saturday: 10am-5:30pm

Do you see birds….hamsters…..guinea pigs……turtles…..lizards….?

Yes, we see any kind of pet that is not a cat or a dog. For more information on the types of animals we see click Tips to Prepare For Your Veterinary Appointment.


What is included in a veterinary exam?

A complete 30 minute consultation, physical exam, and husbandry evaluation.

What is husbandry?

Husbandry is how you care and provide for your pet (e.g. diet, exercise, environment, socializing, housing, etc.)

Do you board pets?

Yes. Please click boarding requirements for more information.

Do you groom pets?

Yes. A yearly physical exam is required for routine grooming.



Is this an Emergency?

During business hours, we accept emergency visits as much as our schedule will permit. After hours, please go to our Having an Emergency page for information about what you can do in the event you are having an after hours emergency, or go to the Animal Medical Center on York Ave. and 62nd st, NYC.

Do you sell food?

Yes. We carry a varied selection of pelleted bird diets and special diets for sick or overweight birds. For small mammals, we offer several grass hays and pelleted food. We also offer a variety of vitamin and homeopathic supplements.

Do you have pets for adoption?

Yes. Please view Adoption page for more information.

Traveling With Your Exotic Pet

We have a resources page International Travel With Your Exotic Pet which outlines the steps you need to take to prior to traveling with your pet, before you book an appointment with us.

Photos of patients

For documentation, sometimes educational purposes, and for use on our social media platforms, we routinely take photos of the patients we treat at the Center. If you do not want us to use pictures of your pet for educational or social media purposes please let us know. Thank you.

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