Client Forms

New clients MUST fill out a "New Client Registration Form," pay a $50 deposit, AND fill out a "New Patient History Form" in order to schedule an appointment. You must call 212-501-8750 in order to schedule an appointment. 

New clients may wish to review our ‘Tips to prepare for your appointment’ section.

New Clients Only:

New Client Registration form

Pet History Forms (Avian/Reptile/Small Mammal)

New Patient Avian History Form

New Patient Reptile History Form

New Patient Small Mammal History Form (Ferrets, Hamster…)

Adoption Forms

Parrot Adoption Form
Rabbit Adoption Form
Reptile Adoption Form

Boarding Form (For current patients only- see Boarding Requirements)

Boarding Form
Liability Pet Boarding Form

Drop Off Form

Drop Off Form

Spay / Neuter

Value Spay And Neuter Release Form

Anesthesia Form

Authorization for Anesthesia and/or Surgery

Questions for our Staff? Please fill out information below or call us at (212) 501-8750

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