Client Forms

New clients MUST fill out a "New Client Registration Form," pay a $50 deposit, fill out a "New Patient History Form" AND fill out a "Drop Off Form" in order to schedule an appointment. You must call (212) 501-8750 in order to schedule an appointment. 

New clients may wish to review our ‘Tips to prepare for your appointment’ section.

Physical exams scheduled at least 1 day in advance cost $120. Same-day scheduled appointments cost $145. Emergency appointments cost $180.  Your $50 deposit will go towards these fees. Same day cancellations will result in the loss of the $50 deposit.

New Clients Only:

New Client Registration form

Pet History Forms (Avian/Reptile/Small Mammal)

New Patient Avian History Form

New Patient Reptile History Form

New Patient Small Mammal History Form (Ferrets, Hamster…)

Drop-Off Form

Drop Off Form

Boarding Form (For current patients only- see Boarding Requirements)

Boarding Form
Liability Pet Boarding Form

Adoption Forms

Parrot Adoption Form
Rabbit Adoption Form
Reptile Adoption Form

Spay / Neuter

Value Spay And Neuter Release Form

Anesthesia Form

Authorization for Anesthesia and/or Surgery

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