The Center for Avian and Exotic Medicine works closely with several organizations to help save the lives of exotic animals. Every year thousands of pet birds, small mammals, and reptiles are rescued from NYC streets and city parks. Countless more are abandoned at local animal shelters or left outside of pet stores. It is our mission to help find these wonderful pets a place to call home.

We are proud that since we opened in 2004 we have been working with local shelters and other NYC rescue organizations. In that time, we have placed hundreds of animals in wonderful new homes! View our pets for adoption below. Read about our success stories here!

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Little lady Otis was found in Battery Park all alone and a good human brought her in to stay with us. She has since been given a clean bill of health and is looking to find her cockatiel friendly forever home. She can be a chatty lady when she wants attention and she needs a family who will work with her to socialize her. She doesn't yet know how to step up, but she loves getting a spray bottle bath and is ready to be showered with love!  


Orlando and Rosalind

Orlando and Rosalind were found in an apartment together after their owner sadly passed away. They are very bonded to each other and need to be adopted out together. They have very pretty singing voices and they adorably bicker with each other. They are not hand tamed and we would love for them to go to a home willing to work and spend time with them. 

orlando and rosalind


Miss Woody was found on Woodside Avenue all alone and brought to us where she has since been deemed all healthy and ready for a home! She is a sweet girl who is hand tamed and knows how to step up. She is pretty clumsy and is prone to falling down or wobbling when walking. She can be chatty when she is around other cockatiels but is otherwise a pretty quiet girl. She is looking for a family to spend time with her and give her lots of love. 



Mouse was born here in the hospital on Christmas eve! Since then, his Mama and his siblings have all gone to homes, but he hasn't been so lucky! He is a wonderful piggie who wants a large space to roam and would love to have another guinea pig friend. He is getting used to being handled by humans, so we are hoping he will find a a cavvy savvy family who understands how to handle and interact with prey animals. 


Seth and Sara

Seth and Sara came to us as a bonded pair, rescued from a laboratory setting. They are both under 1 year old. Seth has been neutered at the hospital so the pair can be adopted out together! They were a bit nervous around people at first, but they are warming up to the staff more and more each day! Give them a treat and they'll be your friend forever. They are easy to please and will have a blast tearing apart paper cups and tp rolls. They have big personalities and should go to a rabbit savvy home, where they can live the posh life the deserve!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

seth and sara

More friends will be up for adoption shortly! Be sure to check back soon. 

Questions for our Staff? Please fill out information below or call us at (212) 501-8750

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