The Center for Avian and Exotic Medicine works closely with several organizations to help save the lives of exotic animals. Every year thousands of pet birds, small mammals, and reptiles are rescued from NYC streets and city parks. Countless more are abandoned at local animal shelters or left outside of pet stores. It is our mission to help find these wonderful pets a place to call home.

We are proud that since we opened in 2004 we have been working with local shelters and other NYC rescue organizations. In that time, we have placed hundreds of animals in wonderful new homes! View our pets for adoption below. Read about our success stories here!

If you are interested in adopting any of our available pets, please fill out the applicable Adoption Form linked below and indicate the name of the pet you are hoping to adopt. Please note the Avian adoption form specifies parrots, but can be used for any bird. The Mammal form specifies Rabbits, but can be used for any mammal. 

Avian Adoption Form
Mammal Adoption Form
Reptile Adoption Form

Noggin and Dude

noggin n dude

Meet Noggin and Dude, our bonded pair of budgies (genders unknown) that were found together in a bush in Central Park! They seem on the younger side and are an adorable pair. They are always near each other and love to chat (and sometimes bicker). They are very good at flying and are still nervous around hands, so they will need someone to work with them to become more human friendly. They are free of infectious diseases and ready for their forever flock!



It is with mixed emotions that we put our beloved hospital cockatiel Essex up for adoption. He is loved by the entire staff and has lived with us here at CAEM for several years, but it is time that Essex finds his forever home. He is a very human oriented bird and he very much likes to be the star of the show. We will consider homes with other birds, but Essex's past trials with multiple bird families have not panned out. Essex is chlamydia negative, but it Borna POSITIVE, so homes with other birds need to take that into consideration. Essex has a big personality, he loves to sing and knows the whole Adam's family tune, he loves himself and will wolf-whistle and tap on his reflection when he looks in a mirror, he can speak a bit and can say "hey baby boy." He can be temperamental when he isn't getting the attention he feels he deserves and has the tendency to make loud sounds when he wants his human to play with him (typical cockatiel). He likes head scratches and will bow his head when he is requesting to be pet (but may also nip at your fingers when he's had enough). Essex loves to fly and would love a home that is bird-proofed so he can be king of his castle. When he is in his cage, he enjoys shredding paper and chewing up toys and swinging on his perch swing. Essex will need a family familiar with cockatiels and one who will allow him to sit on your head or shoulder and hang out with you for most of the day. If you want to be Essex's new flock, please fill out an avian adoption application for review. 

We are always receiving found exotic pets. Be sure to check back periodically for new friends. 

Questions for our Staff? Please fill out information below or call us at (212) 501-8750

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