Xama – RIP



For over 6 years, Xama has been an integral part of our team. She was rescued when someone abandoned her here with us sick and in need of medical care.  After a touch-and-go surgery and a long recovery, she became well and we decided to keep her as a teaching animal here at the Center.  Most of you may remember her as our silent mascot in the reception area, always keeping watch.  She has served as a teaching model for countless clients who needed to learn about proper setups for their reptiles, she has appeared on several TV and internet  shows, and even been a guest for a teaching seminar on pet communication! (During this visit, the pet communicator informed us that she loved her “job” here with us and actually helped the scared animals coming and going through the waiting room by explaining to them that we were going to help them!).

It is with great sadness that we wanted to share her passing with you all today.  Everyone here at the Center adored her, and she will be so very missed by us.  In honor of Xama, we ask that all of you with reptiles who love the sun, to take your friend out during these lovely sunny days and enjoy their company while they soak up those much needed UVB rays.  We love you Xama!