Success Stories



Senior Bunny (brown rabbit) This adorable neutered male rabbit is super friendly- all he wants is to be petted and loved!! … [Read more...]



Mae (calico rabbit) Mae is a spayed female rabbit- she is incredibly sweet and loves to be petted.  Come visit her!! … [Read more...]

Arnie and Ladybird


  Arnie and Lady Bird (2 doves) These two beautiful birds are crazy in love! They are gentle, sweet, and need to be able to fly. … [Read more...]

Ben and Franklin, Rabbits


  We've been adopted, thank you! Ben and Franklin- these two handsome boys are bonded brothers looking for a home together. They are super friendly, have been neutered,and can't wait to share a home with someone looking for 2 good friends. … [Read more...]

Ruffles & Mango, Conures


We've been adopted, thank you! Ruffles (half-moon conure) and Mango (Sun Conure). This crazy couple are both in their teens (one was found outside many years ago, so he could be any age!) and are a bonded pair. They recently had to be given up for tragic personal reasons by a loving owner and are very anxious to get situated in a forever home. … [Read more...]

Arnie, ringneck dove


Thank you, I've been adopted! Meet Arnie! Arnie is a male ringneck dove. He is one of the most affectionate birds we have ever had the pleasure of meeting! All he wants is to have a home where someone is patting him, playing with him, or letting him fly around all day! Perfect for many kinds of homes, but particularly someone who is home a lot and … [Read more...]

Lenny has been adopted!


Lenny Lenny came to us from Animal Care and Control with a broken back leg. We performed surgery and we are hopeful he will fully recover. He is brown and grey, and loves to eat a variety of greens and veggies. Lenny is extremely gentle and sweet; and is looking for a loving and caring home where he can recover and become a part of the family. … [Read more...]

Safron’s been adopted!


Safron: Bearded Dragon   Safron, a bearded dragon who was abandoned at a local pet shop … [Read more...]

Slim: adopted!


Slim: Leopard Gecko Slim, a leopard Gecko whose owner did not want to keep him any more! Slim has found a new home, thank you! … [Read more...]