Success Stories

Sebastian the Budgie

Say Hello to little Sebastian the Budgie! He is a very handsome boy who was found outside before the weather turned chilly. He is a nervous fellow and would love to join a home where there are other birds he could be friends with. … [Read more...]

Baby Ratties!

This is one of four ADORABLE and friendly young female rats. In case you don't know, rats are social, intelligent, and so much fun as pets! These girls will be spayed before going home and will be adopted in pairs or as a foursome. Please come by to visit or call us with questions! … [Read more...]

Venus and Stretch

Introducing Venus and Stretch! This loving couple actually met here at the Center, falling in love at first sight! So of course, we allowed them to be together and are committed to sending them to a great home together. They are so much fun, tons of energy, and really friendly! Please come by and visit them! … [Read more...]


  Meet Coconut and her four 1-day-old babies! And in the other photo, the proud father, Brussel. These rabbits were abandoned at a local shelter and she gave birth the next day. Since a shelter is no place for these babies, we have agreed to take them in and find them a home. Eventually, we will place Coconut and Brussel back together (once … [Read more...]


HANDSOME HAS BEEN ADOPTED! This "handsome" fellow is super friendly- hand tame, and loves to whistle! He will make a GREAT partner to another cockatiel and ideally we would like to find him a home where he would not have to live without another bird. If  you are interested, give us a call! … [Read more...]


This is Peri- a DARLING female spayed rabbit. She came to us with a bit of... overconditioning... (AKA: too fat!) and we have been working on safely getting her weight down by offering her a proper diet and lots of exercise. She loves the interactions and is a true lap-rabbit. She will literally  chase you in order to hop into your lap for hugs and … [Read more...]


RED HAS BEEN ADOPTED! Introducing Red, our favorite Red-Foot tortoise. Red came to us very sick and in need of a life-saving surgery. 6 months later, she is 100% better and ready for a forever home! She is incredibly engaging- loves roaming around, hunting for treats, taking long baths, and basking in the sun. Red-Foots require very specialized … [Read more...]


Scout is a SUPER friendly little albino lionhead mix. She comes RUNNING over for treats and enjoys climbing on her cardboard boxes. She is currently not partnered, but as with all bunnies, she would probably love to have a friend! Come visit her today!   … [Read more...]

Alvin, Theodore, Simon, Brittany, Eleonor, Jeanette

Sadly, these 6 adorable Pink-Eyed-White rats were left on a curbside to be picked up in the garbage. A good samaritan found them and brought them to us! The females have all been spayed, and are ready for a good home. The males are intact, and all very friendly!  Rats are inteligent, clean, and super fun to share your home with- please come and … [Read more...]