Success Stories


This is Peri- a DARLING female spayed rabbit. She came to us with a bit of... overconditioning... (AKA: too fat!) and we have been working on safely getting her weight down by offering her a proper diet and lots of exercise. She loves the interactions and is a true lap-rabbit. She will literally  chase you in order to hop into your lap for hugs and … [Read more...]

Alvin, Theodore, Simon, Brittany, Eleonor, Jeanette

Sadly, these 6 adorable Pink-Eyed-White rats were left on a curbside to be picked up in the garbage. A good samaritan found them and brought them to us! The females have all been spayed, and are ready for a good home. The males are intact, and all very friendly!  Rats are inteligent, clean, and super fun to share your home with- please come and … [Read more...]

Bubbles and Jaggar

These two cuties were found outside on the streets. After some TLC, they recovered from the stress of the NYC streets and became buddies! We don't know how old these to ladies are, but they are adorable and would love a happy home where they can eat, fly, and be part of a family! UDATE: These guys were moved to NorthEast Avian Rescue where they … [Read more...]


Jazzy was left at an NYC shelter suffering from a bad rabbit syphilis infection (NOT the kind humans get!). She had a rough start, but is now perfectly healthy and anxious to be loved! She is a rare mix of an albino house rabbit and a rex, which makes her particularly soft and sweet! Please consider giving her a loving home that she … [Read more...]


Maple is a beautiful spayed female "maple" dutch rabbit. She came to us through NYC Animal Care and Control where we pulled her from the shelter after she has been abandoned with a bad parasitic infection. She is completely healthy now and ready for a new home! She has a fun and rambunctious personality- probably not suited best for children. Come … [Read more...]


Gerry is our newest rescue!  He is a neutered male house rabbit, very nervous but ready for love!  Come on in and meet him today! … [Read more...]

Dutchie and Brownie

This adorable Dutch couple are aptly named Dutchie and Brownie!  They are a male/female couple (spayed and neutered) and ready to go to their forever home! … [Read more...]


Meet Snoo!  This may be the most gorgeous cockatiel in the World!  He is fun, noisy, loves to fly, eat, play, and whistle!  Give us a call for an application! … [Read more...]


This gorgeous Blue and Gold Macaw was abandoned here when, as happens all too often, the owners decided that they didn't want a large parrot with their new baby.  All parrots are a lot of work: they are very loud, messy, demanding, and expensive.  But for the right committed families, these birds can be wonderful additions.  We don't know her name, … [Read more...]