The Center for Avian and Exotic Medicine works closely with several organizations to help save the lives of exotic animals. Every year thousands of pet birds, small mammals, and reptiles are rescued from NYC streets and city parks. Countless more are abandoned at local animal shelters or left outside of pet stores. It is our mission to help find these wonderful pets a place to call home.

We are proud that since we opened in 2004 we have been working with local shelters and other NYC rescue organizations. In that time, we have placed hundreds of animals in wonderful new homes! View our pets for adoption below. Read about our success stories here!

Parrot Adoption Form (pdf)
Rabbit Adoption Form (pdf)

Venus and Stretch

Introducing Venus and Stretch! This loving couple actually met here at the Center, falling in love at first sight! So of course, we allowed them to be together and are committed to sending them to a great home together. They are so much fun, tons of energy, and really friendly! Please come by and visit them! … [Read more...]


  Meet Coconut and her four 1-day-old babies! And in the other photo, the proud father, Brussel. These rabbits were abandoned at a local shelter and she gave birth the next day. Since a shelter is no place for these babies, we have agreed to take them in and find them a home. Eventually, we will place Coconut and Brussel back together (once … [Read more...]